The Britpop Revival Show

The Britpop Revival Show

Do you remember the first time? From baggy beginnings to the end of the century, we play the Britpop songs you know and love but we also play obscure deep cuts and bands who’ve long since been forgotten. We’ve had lots of great guests on the show from bands big and small. With a lively online community, interact with your host Nick and a host of regulars from around the world on Twitter as you listen along.

What brought you to Phonic FM?

I appeared on a show as a guest once and thought ‘that looks fun’.

What does Phonic FM mean to you?

It’s a great community asset for Exeter. Run entirely by volunteers with no agenda other than to share our individual passions, it’s what our city is all about.

What do you do when you’re not on Phonic FM?


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