• Presented by Sketch and Rhod. We cover punk, post-punk, indie, industrial, electronic, experimental, folk, country, jazz, soundtracks – in fact if we like it, we play it.
    The Sunday Scribble
  • Shake!
  • Presented by Jake and Bod. A diverse and eclectic mix of music: reggae/punk/funk/hip-hop/rock/electronica/ska and many other wonderful tunes for your ears.
    Back to Back
  • Presented by Jude Fear with various guest hosts. We play an eclectic mix of various genres including pop, Americana and indie. We talk largely nonsense in an effort to make each other and our audience laugh.
    The Planet Fear Radio Show
  • I play popular tracks from the 50s to the present day, with some classical and country. I’d like people to feel happy and able to sing along – and feel they want to hear the next track.
    Marian’s Mix