The Joe Crow Show.

The Joe Crow Show.

The 2nd Friday of each month, at 4pm-6pm.

The Joe Crow Show, with me, Joe Crow, presents a wide spectrum of tunes – from the late 60’s to the present day – some rock, pop, folk-rock, britpop, electronica and some contemporary-classical – and with a ‘talky bit’ here and there, there is something for everyone!

With great tunes and the talky bits, my audience can expect an uplifting show – but let’s not get too carried away – so I’ll tone it down a bit with a touch of cynicism, just to keep things grounded !

What brought you to Phonic FM?

I’ve been a listener to Phonic for many years. Also, friend of mine was a presenter on Phonic – and I thought to myself – ‘I could do that’… And here I am !

What does Phonic FM mean to you?

Great music, and no adverts. What’s not to like !

What do you do when you’re not on Phonic FM?

I’m a writer. But prior to that, I’ve done lots of different things, and had various jobs.

How do radio presenters do it?

I’ll have to ask them, and get back to you.

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