Phonic FM is a community radio station run by the people of Exeter, for the people of Exeter and beyond. We are proudly free of playlists and adverts, and we receive no regular grant funding, so we need to fundraise in other ways to keep the station on air.

There are lots of ways that individuals, organisations and businesses can support Phonic FM.

Get involved

Join Phonic FM as an individual or organisational member and help develop the station. Members pay an annual fee which helps cover the station’s basic annual running costs. Contact to find out more.

Attend an event

Independent promoters and friends of Phonic FM generously stage fundraising gigs and events throughout the year. Keep an ear on the station, and an eye on the our website and social media feeds, for details of the next events.

Make a donation

Make a one-off or regular donation via our special PayPal link:

Sponsor a programme or project

Whilst we don’t take traditional spot ads, we welcome partnerships with organisations and businesses which might include programme or project sponsorship. Contact for more details.

Click on an ad

The Phonic FM website carries advertising. Phonic FM receives a small amount of money each time a website user clicks on an ad.

If you would like the Phonic FM website to carry advertising for your business or organisation, contact