The Lost Chord

The Lost Chord

Formerly Music of Changes, the Oxfam Music and Arts Shop show; formerly Up From the Stacks, the Exeter Library show; but now The Lost Chord, with Pat and Jez playing whatever they darn well please and making no apologies for it. Two fellows whose musical tastes can diverge wildly before falling into perfect congruity (often in the Sandy or Bonzo zones), they will collide styles with merry abandon, traversing the decades and thinking nothing of making connections between the popular and the experimental, of introducing jazz and folk to psych, cult soundtracks or rock and hoping they get on. There’s no plan, there’s no framework, there are no limits. Who knows, they might even rediscover…The Lost Chord.

What brought you to Phonic FM?

We started out doing a show for the Oxfam music and arts shop for which we both volunteer, playing music which passed through.

What does Phonic FM mean to you?

An eclectic selection of music and community programming put together by presenters who really care.

What do you do when you’re not on Phonic FM?

I (that’s me, Jez) work at the library (Phonic FM’s neighbour) and Pat and I both volunteer at the Oxfam music and arts shop, where we head after finishing our show.

How do radio presenters do it?

With immaculate timing.

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