‘This is Phonic’ film available to stream

‘This is Phonic’ film available to stream

Coinciding with Phonic FM’s tenth anniversary celebrations in 2018, Preston Street Films created a short documentary following a day in the life of our station. You can now watch the full film online.

Preston Street Films says: “This is Phonic takes you to the heart of Exeter’s community radio station Phonic FM. Shot in their tiny basement studio, this film lays bare the passion and personalities of the dedicated DJs as they launch their voices onto the radio waves. With technology changing and an ever-widening menu of entertainment choices on offer to audiences, we ask the question– is anybody listening? Ultimately, does it matter? This is music. This is community radio. This is Phonic.”

View the documentary on the Preston Street Films website.

Preston Street Films is a video and animation company based in Exeter. They combine decades of local, national and international branded video production experience. Curious and creative, they seek new ways of seeing the world. Find out more about the Preston Street Films story on their website.

Running time: 9 minutes

Featuring: Christian Brook (The Decades Show); Pat Bensberg (The Eccentric Selection); Chee Chee-A-Nam (Anti-Telly Time); Michael Harvey (Onionheart Radio); Martin Henning (Roots and Shoots); Dave Stevens (Jurassic Rock); Nigel Hoskin (Blunt Tools).

Producers: Chris Jones, Guy Natanel, Benjie Croce

Executive Producer: Stuart Robb