PODCAST: The Empty House

PODCAST: The Empty House.

PODCAST: The Empty House.

The Empty House by Tony Eccles
Produced By Lee Rawlings

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In a small cul-de-sac on the edge of Taunton all of the houses are up for sale; they are also empty.

Jonathon Cutter has inherited one of them from his uncle and has taken his advice to clear the property of its clutter and sell the it immediately.

All seems well except for those strange evening sounds from next door that disturb the young man, after all, these houses are supposed to be empty aren’t they?

And what about the intruder who enters the house without consent then vanishes into thin air?

Jonathon finally ventures into the empty house next door and discovers the reason why these houses remain empty. From Magonia they come, claiming back what is rightfully theirs.

Biographical information
Tony Eccles lives in Exeter and works as a museum curator. When he’s not developing an exhibition by day at night he’s developing his next short story.

A fan of sci-fi and the spooky, Tony likes to loose himself in films, books and the beautiful Devonshire landscape. Very late at night, Tony looks forward to hearing the strange music and voices in his dreams that tell him of the ‘other’ world.

Any spare time Tony has is spent living a healthy and normal life.

Background information
I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of the existence of an intelligent race of beings; but a race we normally cannot see, hear or interact with. Any form of communication is purely down to them, being the older race, but there are exceptions to the rule.

The idea of an invisible world is shared by almost every culture around the world and indeed many examples exist in folkore.

It is a belief with a religious tone because the subject matter itself includes those people who have actively sought communication with the invisible ‘other’, whether it’s ancestral spirits, the grail, demons, fairies, angels, extraterrestrials or even God.

This need to find the ‘other’ becomes almost quest-like and for some it’s a powerful emotion that enables them, somehow, to experience phenomena no matter how much of it is subjective. Such experiences have the power to profoundly change people’s lives, and some who experience these changes believe that they have been especially chosen to act as a messenger for a higher power.

My own thoughts about this intelligent ‘other’ shares the Lovecraftian premise that the world we call Earth is in fact theirs, they lived here prior to the time when humans evolved. For a period of time both races co-existed but at some point in history and, for reasons unknown to many, they departed from our world and entered their own. I believe that they still live next door, wherever that place may be.