Suck My Disco

Suck My Disco

A celebration of all types of dance music from the birth of Disco to Acid House to Trance to the present day.

What brought you to Phonic FM?

My friend Rich – who used to have a show with Andy Sinclair who still does on Saturdays!

What does Phonic FM mean to you?

Phonic is all about people who are super passionate about music across all landscapes. I am too. It represents music in its purest form from people who love it dearly and want to share their deepest love for it.

What do you do when you’re not on Phonic FM?

I work, I watch movies, I occasionally dabble in drag and I’m currently learning to play the trombone! There you go.

How do radio presenters do it?

Passionately and from the heart. You have to LOVE the music you play!

Image credit: Matthew LeJune on Unsplash