Marky-Mark’s BlueNote Odyssey

Marky-Mark’s BlueNote Odyssey

Hosted by Marky-mark, the programme aims to play the very best, toe tapping, head nodding tunes from Blue Note and other important jazz labels.

The show discusses the exciting resurgence of jazz music today and the very best vinyl reissues from labels including Acoustic Sounds, Impex, Sam Records!

For jazz enthusiasts, vinyl collectors and audiophiles – and everyone inbetween. Hopefully listeners who are curious about the genre will be left feeling good about jazz music and want to hear much much more.

What do you do when you’re not on Phonic FM?
Planning for the next show!

How do radio presenters do it?
With love and passion (and a sprinkle of great music)

Photo by Ocramnaig_o1 on Unsplash


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