Magic Band play Exeter

Magic Band play Exeter

The Magic Band, Exeter Phoenix, Friday 9th March, 8pm

By Paul Giblin

This was a very special night at Exeter Phoenix as often ancient lovers of bizarre musical forms gathered in fevered expectation.

Classic prog from FSOE’s legendary Bostin Powers built the atmosphere for a storming prog set by reformed goth-led Secrets for Septmber. Then back to the bar for lashings of dirty zappa as a prelude to the main event

It took two Phonic presenters – Siney Beast and Ambiessence – John ‘Drumbo’ French, Mark ‘Rockette Morton’ Boston and Denny ‘Feelers Rebo’ Walley – just to remember the magic band members names and loud cheers rang out as the veterans of Captain Beefhearts terrifying regime.

Angular compositions, grinding blues, surreal lyrics and twin guitar heaven underpinned by bass from funky hell. A punishing set left the audience needing a break as much as band, who gathered in the bar to sign cds to a soundtrack of elp and more zappa.

Then its back into the auditorium for an even higher level of raw, intricate excess. A mindblowing set stretched into the night ending with an aurally elks take on electrify and the uktimate in bug eyed beans from venus

The band collapsed backstage, unable to return and it was nearly midnight. Delirious punters staggered out generously filling a phonic fm bucket with cash, even the band gave a donation to exeters sound alternative.

Hear live recordings of the set exclusively on the future sound of exeter show every tuesday 8-10pm on Phonic FM.