• With Christian Brook. The Decades Show aims to find music from across the past ten decades that will appeal to anyone who was into the alternative scene in the 80s – basically anything from the 1910s to yesterday!
    The Decades Show
  • With Pat Bensberg. Some tunes you know, some you don’t, and some you think ‘what the hell is that?’
    The Eccentric Selection
  • With Chee. The main objective of Anti-Telly Time is to give listeners a giggle and a smile. There’s music from local bands through to obscure sounds, and music that makes you dance against your will. Sometimes spoken-word and other non-music delights will pop up, with guests on occasion. It’s a party and you’re invited.
    Anti-Telly Time
  • With Michael Harvey. A celebration of the album. Tracks from albums old and new with occasional guest co-hosts.
    Onionheart Radio
  • Presented alternately by Martin Henning and Bully. We play folk and roots related/derived music from all over the world and just down the road, with guests and live music in the studio.
    Roots and Shoots
  • Dave Stevens takes some very scenic musical paths-less-travelled to disseminate the gospel of (mostly) obscure but groovy, diverse and really-rather-good 60s, 70s and early/mid-80s ROCK.
    Jurassic Rock
  • Regular presenters Frotter and DJ Scott Jeggs talk inexcusable piffle, scoff unhealthy nibbles and play anything that takes our fancy.
    Blunt Tools