• Bully, Paul Giblin, Helen Connole and Paul Barnes take turns to present the show. The music is an eclectic mix of many styles from all over the world. The show aims to complement the annual Exeter Respect festival and celebrate diversity in the area and in the wider world.
    The Respect Show
  • With Stuart Smith. Playing three songs in a row: sometimes it’s all new music, sometimes all 60s and 70s. It just depends what music has been inspiring me.
    My Little Packets of Three
  • With Arash Torabi. Many different styles loosely based on the psychedelic theme, including 60s UK and US psych, power pop, freakbeat, garage, mod, psych-folk, early Creation Records, British neo-psychedelia and current artists/bands.
    Psychedelic Saturday
  • Hosted by Sam Humphreys and Martin Veryard. In our show you can expect talk of all things nerdy, from films to books, video games to comics and TV shows to the world of technology, as well as whatever may be going on in the world or our heads at the time of broadcast.
  • Presented by John Tron Davidson, Dragon and The Spring. The Way of Things shares all the records that we’ve found, been told about, and loved.
    The Way of Things
  • With Tom Holding. The show explores a different genre/style/mood each month while highlighting underground and esoteric artists.
    Tom Holding