• We don’t know... but we like to find out. Jonathan plays mostly current pop music from his tablet, @will789gb plays R&B from CDs. We’ve an interest in tech to counter disability, starting with sound.
    We Don’t Know
  • The Exeter Library show: a wilfully diverse collision of eclectic music, with discursive interludes and literary asides.
    Up from the Stacks
  • Morgan Collins presents themed shows drawn from a wide range of music – rock, jazz, country, indie, ambient, chamber, and trip hop.
    Morgan Collins
  • Do you remember the first time? From baggy beginnings to the end of the century, we play the Britpop songs you know and love but we also play obscure deep cuts and bands who’ve long since been forgotten.
    The Britpop Revival Show
  • Just me (Kerrie), with some great tunes, the occasional guest and the odd bit of live music. From blues to punk, country to dark house, classical to k-pop, I'll be sharing some of the sounds I like and love.
    Sounds from the Fun Bus
  • Presented by DJ John M. I play a mixture of music, studio sessions, interviews and spoken word. We could talk about the music, whoever is in the studio, or general factoids.
    Anything Goes