Hope Sounds Eternal

Hope Sounds Eternal

Hope Sounds Eternal: a song to remember them by

Music is powerful. It can express how we’re feeling, even when we can’t find the words ourselves.

You may have songs that hold a special memory of a loved one who’s died or someone who’s living with a terminal illness. The Hope Sounds Eternal radiothon is a place to share these songs and the stories behind them.

What is it?

Hope Sounds Eternal is a creative fundraising project which will bring together the music and memories that have given people comfort through their grief, or while caring for a loved one living with a terminal illness.

The songs and the stories will be played on an all-night radiothon on 2–3 November 2019, to raise money for Marie Curie and the vital work they do to support people at the end of their lives.

How can I get involved?

Send us a song which holds a special memory for you, along with the story behind it, and we’ll play it and share your story live on air.

Email your song and story hopesoundseternal@gmail.com or tweet to @hopesounds1.

How can I listen?

The songs will be played live on Phonic FM as part of November’s sponsored radiothon.

The Radiothon will take place overnight on 2–3 November 2019, from 8pm to 10am the next day – the approximate hours of a Marie Curie nurse’s night shift.

Phonic FM has offered its studio and airwaves for the radiothon, so will receive half of all donations.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.