Flutter and Wow

Flutter and Wow

Presented by Jono Powell. You can expect an eclectic range of music: old, new, recently heard, forgotten and rediscovered, rock, pop, indie, beats, classics, instrumentals and some really quirky stuff. I sometimes do themed shows or invite a special guest in.

Hopefully the listener will find it interesting and keep those Sunday blues at bay. If I have reached just one person with my passion for music then I have done well.

What brought you to Phonic FM?

I have been an avid listener to Phonic FM for a number of years. I knew a few friends who used to do it regularly and enjoyed their shows. I was invited to be a guest on a late-night show called ‘Spitting Feathers’ hosted by Lee Rawlings, to play and discuss the music of Mike Oldfield as we share a passion for his music. I really enjoyed the experience and Lee suggested I should give Phonic FM a go.

What does Phonic FM mean to you?

Phonic FM’s format is about the music and gives me the freedom to share my passion for music without being tied down by playlists and adverts. Music is very important to me: it helps my health and wellbeing. It gives me something to focus on. Phonic FM is a valuable asset for Exeter for many reasons.

What do you do when you’re not on Phonic FM?

I work in a busy retail store to fund my love of music. When I’m not doing that I like to listen to more music, watch films, paint, create and be creative.

How do radio presenters do it?

Passion for music, butterflies and a microphone.

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