Jono Powell – 19.08.78-04.02.21

Jono Powell – 19.08.78-04.02.21

Phonic FM is sad to announce that we recently lost one of our most treasured members.

Brian Powell writes:

Jono Powell, what can I say? You may have known him as a DJ on his show, Flutter & Wow but he was so much more. He was a son, a brother, an uncle and an amazing friend to many people. He was the most caring, funny, cheerful, smart, positive, creative person who never had a bad word to say.

Jono had a huge passion for music, he always had his mini disc player or eventually his MP3 player with him to get him through the day. He loved creating music on his guitar and writing songs, even released a few EPs, back in the day. Phonic FM helped him, channel and share that passion with his listeners. Always a good experience on a Sunday afternoon.

Jono suffered with his heart condition since he was 17, he fought and struggled everyday since then but you never would of known it.  He was a good soul taken from us too soon but he has taken his rightful place among the stars, he admired and reunited with loved ones.

Jono will always be remembered and never forgotten, the legend that is Jono.

There’s a just giving page in his name in support of  the British Heart Foundation website.

“In the end, all you can hope for is the love you felt to equal the pain you’ve gone through.”