PHONIC FM is part of a consortium that has applied to run a DAB+ service for Greater Exeter area. Applications to Ofcom (the Government Regulator for media) had to be submitted by 29th November, with the outcome determined by early 2021. If successful, Phonic, whilst retaining its FM service, will reach out to the Greater Exeter area with a high quality stereo service.

For Phonic, other advantages include:

67% of the population tune-in to digital radio every week.​

The vast majority of digital listening is via DAB.

DAB is eco-friendly, sustainable and socially responsible.

It consumes 80% less electricity; and requires 75% less capital investment

Programming will be simulcast on both FM and the new DAB+ service. Listeners will need to check that their radios are DAB+ compatible, but also note that since November 2020 all new cars will be fitted with suitable receivers.

PHONIC FM will continue to provide “A sound alternative for Exeter” as it has done since 2008.