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Phonic FM is staffed by volunteers and funded by grants, events and donations.

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NewCare Devon are proud sponsors of cutting-edge Eye Life Show. The show is presented using a special eye controlled computer by DJ Eye Tech who has locked-in syndrome and can only move his eyes.

Phonic FM is Exeter’s sound alternative — a community radio station for the city and beyond, broadcasting on 106.8FM and online, 24 hours a day.

Phonic FM programmes

In The Mood For Mumby

The perfect way to wind down your weekend

Arash Torabi

Arash Torabi

Presenter’s name: Arash Torabi What type of music? Psychedelic, garage, Freakbeat, psych folk and other stuff from the ’60s… and also stuff from after that time, which is influenced by it. Bit of Americana, current-day bands, mid-80s indie stuff, resent psych folkies… Maybe the odd bit of Mod-fodder…depends what I feel like on the day. […]

Purely and Simply Rock N' Metal !!

The Rockshow with Mike James

Purely and Simply Rock N’ Metal !!

Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes

I am on the Respect show (10am–12pm on Saturdays) and a new show on the first Sunday of each month, 4-6pm. What type of music can we expect to hear on your programme? On respect it will be ‘world’ music in all its forms. In the other show it will be anything goes – very […]

Playtime with Andy Sinclair

Playtime with Andy Sinclair

Funk, soul, disco and more

Jazz, Funk, Reggae and everything in between.


Jazz, Funk, Reggae and everything in between.

The Saturday Morning Mix Tape

The Saturday Morning Mix Tape

The Saturday Morning Mix Tape: Quixotic. Blitzkrieg.

St. David's Hillbillies

St Davids Hillbillies

St. David’s Hillbillies

A show for young people by young people.

Set The Scene

A show for young people by young people.

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