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Phonic FM is Exeter’s sound alternative — a community radio station for the city and beyond, broadcasting on 106.8FM and online since 2008.

Sound and Vision

Sound and Vision

Sound and Vision

Show name: Sound & Vision

Presenter’s names:  Dan Barratt & David Trigger

Show time and day: 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month – 8pm

What type of music can we expect to hear on your show?
Obscure, familiar and nostalgic Soundtracks, Themes, Scores and anything from the worlds of Film and Television.

What is the format of your show?
Sound & Vision is a really fun series of soundtrack themed shows featuring a wide selection of music, lively chat, trivia and debate.

Why should we listen to your show?
Sound & Vision is definitely not your average, dry soundtracks based show. Shows are planned and researched to offer trivia and information about the films and TV programmes we are featuring but our chief aim is to entertain. S&V is a light-hearted, warm and welcoming series of themed shows in which we leave no stone unturned to bring you a heady mix of the familiar and the surprising.

Sound & Vision is perfect to sit back to and enjoy but, if you like your entertainment a little more interactive, you can also take part in live discussions, and sending us requests, by joining our Facebook group or following us on Twitter. Shows are also offered online to re-visit whenever you want. However you choose to enjoy it, Sound & Vision is a huge amount of fun!

How did your show come about?

Dan: We basically locked Lee in a room feeding him only champagne and caviar until he gave in.

Lee: I gave in after three day’s worth of the posh nosh. They had to butter the side of the door frame to squeeze me out.

David: Yep,we utterly buttered Lee…

What goes on behind the scenes in the studio?
Dan: Aside from the usual faint air of panic, we just have a great time and I think that really shows!

Lee: Think Carry on films meets Mad Max and Alan Partridge.

David: Think Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey and Hattie Jacques (I’ll let you work out who’s who…)

What has been your best on air moment?

Dan: Finally getting the chance to play the full Ulysses 31 theme tune on a real radio show. Not this one – a real radio show.

Lee: Hard as it is, it’s all great fun. I am proud this show has happened and the other nerdy shows are also getting recognition. The Geeks shall inherit the Earth my friends.

David: Playing old ITV start ups and Idents and speaking Welsh live on air!

What has been your worst/ most embarrassing on air moment?
Dan: Nothing too embarrassing yet but there’s still plenty of time…

Lee: Whenever the equipment fails. Which is every week, but that is due to funding so come on throw us your dollar! ;). Oh, and my silly Hobbit hands pressing the wrong buttons.

David: Um… insulting the entire Welsh nation by attempting to speak Welsh live on air.

Who is your favourite artist?
Dan: The show enables us to indulge our love of favourite composers and soundtrack artists which, for me, have so far included John Barry and Ennio Morricone. Beyond that, I’m a huge Kate Bush and David Bowie fan.

Lee: For this show? Wow. HARD. I love John Williams and Murray Gold (Doctor Who) but then again I am a sucker for Daft Punk.

David: Far too many to choose but I do love a bit of Ed Welch.

What is your all time favourite album?
Dan: From the soundtrack world, it would probably be Paul Giovanni’s beautiful and bonkers work for Robin Hardy and Anthony Shaffer’s 1973 film, The Wicker Man.

Lee: Star Wars – John Williams. What Else? A Joy to listen to from start to finish and packed with lots of childhood memories.

David: Screen Tested- themes from TSW- Television South West by Ed Welch! (Obscure is our bag…)


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