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NewCare Devon are proud sponsors of cutting-edge Eye Life Show. The show is presented using a special eye controlled computer by DJ Eye Tech who has locked-in syndrome and can only move his eyes.

Phonic FM is Exeter’s sound alternative — a community radio station for the city and beyond, broadcasting on 106.8FM and online, 24 hours a day.

Listings for the New Theatre

Listings for the New Theatre

Listings for the New Theatre

March 8 and 9 7.30pm
THE ARTIST was a stunning throwback to the era of silent films, before special effects were even a twinkle in a director’s eye. Now, Moonstone Th eatre Company off ers you the chance to relive the GOLDEN AGE OF RADIO!
When radio was king of the living room, special agents like Dick Barton and Paul Temple ruled the airwaves. Moonstone’s very own secret agent, Carter Davies, will transport you back to a time of tantalising adventure serials, when cliffh anger endings left audiences gasping. Marvel at the exploits of the derring-do hero as he grapples with an evil villain and saves a damsel in distress, all accompanied by sound eff ects produced before your very eyes!
With any live broadcast, there’s always an element of risk – especially when the actors refuse to leave their hostilities outside the studio. So, will it all go to plan …?
Moonstone Theatre Company’s on (and off ) mic performance off ers a nostalgic glimpse of a world in black-and-white, when the BBC’s Home Service and Light Programme were the pinnacle of great home entertainment.
Tickets £8 (£6)

March 15 7.30pm
JONATHAN KAY is a 21st century Fool
Jonathan is recognized as a leading performer and teacher of Fooling, whose work with audiences is nationally and internationally known, bringing laughter, poignancy and a mischievous delight that blends into the audience. There is no other show like it.
He has toured in Canada, the USA, Australia, Spain, Bosnia, Jordan and the UK.
For a generation brought up on passive pastimes and TV dinners, his performances can be mind-blowing stuff . If you have never seen a Jonathan Kay show before, it is an open door to the imagination. Jonathan’s Fool brings a truly unique and personal experience. His show is interactive, playful, shocking, reality bending and is often very funny.
“Making them laugh at themselves to understand themselves. It is what a good fool is supposed to do.” The Guardian
Tickets £8

March 22 7.30pm
Sweden’s nyckelharpa master
Devon’s folk arts organisation Wren Music presents a rare chance to experience Sweden’s leading player of the modern chromatic nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle).
He earned the designation Riksspelman – Fiddler of the Realm – while still in his teens, and has been World Champion twice.
In 2010 he was presented Sweden’s most prestigious award recognizing distinction and excellence in folk music, the Zorn Gold Medal, “For masterful and brilliant nyckelharpa playing firmly rooted in tradition”. Peter’s technique is unsurpassed.
His exceedingly precise playing is characterized by deep murmuring tones, liquid cascades of ornaments and flourishes, and gives the uncanny perception that there is more than one of him playing at once.
The evening also features performances by the delightful Swedish singer / songwriter Rosa Rebecka –
recently voted one of the Best Acoustic Acts in the South West Music Awards –
and Devon’s own Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll, two of the leading lights of the new generation of folk artists,specialising in traditional and contemporary English music on fiddles and voices, with a particular emphasis on tunes from the South West.
Lovely, inventive playing” – fRoots

Tickets £12 (Under 18 £10)

April 3 – 6 7.30pm
CHARLEY’S AUNT By Brandon Thomas
Creative Cow in association with Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford
It is 1892 and dashing Oxford undergraduates, Jack and Charley are preparing to propose to Amy and Kitty, but a chaperone is needed or the girls will refuse their lunch invitation.
As luck would have it, Charley’s Aunt is arriving from Brazil (where the nuts come from) and will happily serve the purpose. However, a telegram declares that her trip is delayed so their plans are in disarray until they hit upon the idea that Lord Fancourt Babberley, their good friend, should put on a frock and assume her identity.
But, madness ensues when Charley’s real aunt from Brazil (where the nuts come from) finally arrives. All is well in the end after a breathtaking chase, a musical interlude and an absurd number of marital engagements.
Tickets £10

April 18 7.30pm
Front Room Theatre
1940’s London. Sarah wishes dad could meet GI Joseph.
Evacuee-with-attitude, little sister Lucy, descends on Wales.
Can Sarah find the courage to tell them the truth?
This engaging multi-role WW2 comedy-drama is written and performed by Natalie Wilcox. It comes to the New Theatre
following a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe.
Natalie’s previous work includes Mark Locke’s beautiful ‘Black Swan Song’, Shared Experience, BBC, Channel 4, Nottingham Playhouse, Watford Palace, Guildford Shakespeare Company and Fort Mark Films.
This is her first production with Front Room Theatre. ‘Compelling … well written’ – Soho Theatre
‘Wilcox’s performance harbours a gentle and charming nostalgia while clashing hard against the grim social relations ruined by the pressures of the war.’ – Three Weeks.
‘What a treat! A terrifically crafted & sustained piece – big things surely ahead for Natalie’. Tristan Bates Theatre
Tickets £ 8

April 19 – 20 7.30pm
MERGE 7 Telling Stories
New contemporary dance by South West Artists
Merge 7 follows in the successful footsteps of Merge: Touch with a new collection of
contemporary dance talent. Enigmatic, characterful and loyal to local stories, these new
pieces are inspired by writings and journals of memories and local accounts.
Join us for another joyous and thought provoking evening of high quality Dance as
Merge tours through the South West to The New Theatre, Exeter.

Tickets £10 (£8)

Booking Information
New Theatre Box Office
01392 277189
Exeter Visitors Information and Tickets – Dix’s Field, Paris Street, Exeter
01392 665885
Tickets also available online


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