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Phonic FM is Exeter’s sound alternative — a community radio station for the city and beyond, broadcasting on 106.8FM and online since 2008.


Playing Music with space and depth, classics and rarities, CDRs and worn-out 12 inches.

Playing Music with space and depth, classics and rarities, CDRs and worn-out 12 inches.

Show name: DRCTNS.

Presenter’s names: Francis Redman with David Sacks and Louis Mustil

Show time and day: 10pm to Midnight Saturday nights on rotation.

What type of music can we expect to hear on your show?
Soul. Ultimately we play across the board, you could divide this into hip-hop, house, beats, and jazz, but (underground) soul is what links it together.

Why do you like this music?
In lots of ways I like all music, however while I can spend a weekend listening to rock and roll, or spend most joyous of moments with a good pop song, this music (that I play on the show) is that which does more than just satisfy on a base level, its all encompassing and drives that much deeper.

What is the format of your show?
Two hours of uninterrupted music, we try to start somewhere and end somewhere, (usually) we, start with more introspective and ancestral music move through hip-hop, and finish with some deep Detroit beats with a hiatus of disco and boogie revival in between.

Why should we listen to your show?
Because we put in huge amounts of time into making sure that every second of music is unmissable and worthwhile, we work hard to uncover incredible unsigned artists, new music from all corners of the world and dig into history to find some old nuggets worth playing again. The overall aim is to create two hours of immersive, rich late night radio.

How did your show come about?
I have known people involved with the Vibraphonic festival for a long time, four years or so ago I was asked to do a weekly show on Phonic FM, that was it.

What goes on behind the scenes in the studio?
Ha! Usually me stressing out at the beginning, with Louis and/or David nervously thumbing through notes and cdr’s making sure we have the first few pieces ready for an easy 15 minute run in. By One hour in, however we will have the lights down, the music up and will be just enjoying the tunes.

What has been your best on air moment?
Anytime where it feels like the addition of us in the studio (to the music) is something cohesive and valid, when it’s not pre-conceived by even a few moments – right then it feels great.

What has been your worst/ most embarrassing on air moment?
If ever I realise I have given out some misinformation, it doesn’t happen often; we are usually pretty well researched, but occasionally, somehow whilst speaking live on air, your brain can make a link from one thing to something completely different. Not only do you look foolish but also you are miss-representing some artists that you are in reverence of –obviously if we’re still on air by the time we realise, we make amends!

Who is your favourite artist?
I can’t say. Theo Parrish? Jay Dee? Larry Heard? My favourite record ever is Roy Davis Jnr, Gabriel – a perfect moment. Though by no means is he my favourite artist. Andre 3000 would be pretty close as an all round artist, entertainer and personality.

What is your all time favourite album?
Nas, Illmatic. Because of the age I was when it came out, because every track on it still gives me goose bumps. Because it’s timeless and perfectly-almost-perfect.


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