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NewCare Devon are proud sponsors of cutting-edge Eye Life Show. The show is presented using a special eye controlled computer by DJ Eye Tech who has locked-in syndrome and can only move his eyes.

Phonic FM is Exeter’s sound alternative — a community radio station for the city and beyond, broadcasting on 106.8FM and online, 24 hours a day.

DJ Bigtoe

Playing Northern soul, psychedelic, experimental noises, spoken word and some philosophical ramblings.

Playing Northern soul, psychedelic, experimental noises, spoken word and some philosophical ramblings.

Name: DJ Bigtoe

Show: The Bigtoe Documents, an aimless wander through the mythology of rock’n’roll.

When are you on?
I am on the first Sunday of each month from 4pm to 6pm.

What type of music can we expect to hear on your show?
Northern soul, obscure/classic 60s rock, psychedelia, post rock, experimental electronica, spoken word, singer songwriters with attitude… and much more.

How did you get into this type of music?
I’ve played in a bunch of bands on small record labels from the early ‘90s to the present day. Second hand record shops and other weirdo musicians.

I was signed to two different record labels between 1992 and 2007, Stayfree Records and Bathysphere Records. I came across a lot of strange and terrible people who turned me on to a lot of different music and taught me how to play it: psychedelia, punk rock, glitchy electronica, dub and funk etc… etc…

I first remember hearing Spirit of Eden driving in a van on the way to Leeds. By the time we stopped for petrol, my life had changed – ‘Music from the back of your mind that speaks to your heart’.

Although the Spirit of Eden reference is a bit on the avant gard pretentious side it applies to everything I play from whatever genre. I also love to dance and pretend that I’m in the Spencer Davis Group and that its still 1964. Hence the soul connection.

At the moment I’m bandless, writing music for film and TV, doing  a bit of acoustic stuff and DJing at Ja-Fu-Re and/or people on Sunday.

I still have a few records out under the name BIGTOE and am currently putting together a new album. Sounds like… Wreckless Eric, Adem, Wilco but much less talented. For gig/DJ dates check out:

for Film &TV work check out:

How long have you been DJing?
I’d never presented a radio show before doing Phonic FM but I’ve been DJing northern soul, 60s rock and psychedelia since the late 90s.

How did you start into DJing?
By accident! A drunk member of Exeter’s rock glitter-arty who knew something about Phonic FM heard me playing at People on Sunday and told me to get in touch. He was fairly drunk; the tune that prompted him was I’m a man by the Spencer Davis Group

Can we find you DJing anywhere other than on Phonic FM?
No but I do have a Last FM station online somewhere. I don’t think it works.

What has been your most embarrassing DJing moment?
I can’t think of one right now but I’m sure I will amass plenty over the duration of a few shows!

What has been your best DJing moment?
Being thanked profusely and drunkenly for playing I’m a Man by the Spencer Davis Group .

Who is your favourite artist?
There are too many to mention, but at the moment I’m being convinced of MDMC ’s genius on a daily basis. The album Time to Pretend is a modern classic; like Heroes with its tongue in cheek

What is your all time favourite album?
I couldn’t name one but the following are all contenders: Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk , Funhouse by The Stooges , Being There by Wilco , Time the Revelator by Gillian Welch, Promenade by The Divine Comedy , Village Green Preservation Society by The Kinks .

All of these albums have changed my life in unexpected and profound ways. No honestly they did!

Where do you shop for music?
I am still coming to terms with download culture and the systematic devaluing of music as an artifact; I would prefer to buy vinyl but don’t have a turntable the money or the space. For now itunes is a solution to the space issue. In the long term I think the future for music lovers is to get involved with local grassroots networks of performers, composers, promoters and pass their music around on a hand-to-hand basis. The music industry has been embalming the corpse of rock’n’roll for a long time, why watch the slow decay? Local music is alive and well; you’re more likely to make friends, change your life, do something creative and have a good time on your doorstep AND you can still put money into the pockets of musicians who have earnt it the hard way.


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